Our Trees

At Parsons Nursery, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality and consistency of our trees.  Simply put – our goal is to grow the highest quality container trees on the market.  Growing a wide variety of cultivars in 7, 10, 15 and 30 gallon containers, the key to achieving this goal is meticulous attention to the details of pruning and root manipulation. 

Our professionally trained staff spends every hour of the work-day inspecting every tree and implementing proper pruning techniques to ensure superior formed central leaders, branch scaffolding and uniformity.  Our tree pruners are routinely trained and educated in the art and science of tree pruning.

We believe that our growing system leads to incomparable consistency in form and quality.  We believe that proper root manipulation in container grown trees is essential to long term health and performance.  Through the root manipulation techniques implemented at Parsons Nursery, we are able to develop a superior root system that effectively minimizes the problems of circling and girdling roots.